Camposaz 4:4 Tampa

Tampa is a spatial combination of two structures developed in an organic process of sensory investigation for a dialog with the morphologic characteristics and the landscape insights. The location, up the city of Brasov in Romania, was chosen for its potentiality in the intention of starting strong processes of architecture and social regeneration. For these reasons the local institutions allowed this experimentation project in this logistically hard location in the natural park of the region. The international team of 12 participants worked with strong empathy for ten days on the project site considering the body and the manual work as tools of expression. The team identify the specifics of the place and search the primeval elements of architecture. Light, air and natural substance give form and space to the architecture, simple geometries generate solutions rich of spatial versatility and continuity between inside and outside, between intimacy and opening in a rhythmic dialog with the surrounding nature. The result is a structure that invites the contemplation of the space around and suggests different possible horizons for inviting the visitor to a larger reflection before continuing his path.

  • program: INSTALLATION
  • status: BUILT
  • year: 2015
  • dimension: 30 SQM
  • participants: Sinziana Macaveiu, Adina Cristina Costea, Oti Hrebenciuc, Sebastian Apostol, Marianna Landi , Florina Pop, Daniele Demattè, Cezar Cernea